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Expand Your Living Space to the Great Outdoors

Beautiful paver patios are one of the most popular ways to maximize the usability of your yard. We have helped many northern Colorado homeowners create a space for relaxation, dining, or entertainment by designing a gorgeous patio, walkway, or driveway that perfectly complements their home.

Paver patios not only look great, but they add tremendous value to your home and provide an opportunity for you to easily spend more time outside in our beautiful state. We offer a broad selection of colors, textures, and brands so you’ll get a custom hardscape feature you’ll certainly fall in love with.

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HARDSCAPE capabilities

Variety of colors, Textures and styles

Options include natural stone pavers, porcelain pavers, concrete pavers, brick pavers.

New installation and retrofitting existing hardscape features

We can add to or modify an existing patio or walkway feature you have, or build one completely from scratch.


We offer many options for designs with organic shapes, borders, designs, or a more simple, natural look.


We offer great brands like Techo Bloc, Belgard, and Unilock and you may peruse their catalogs for ideas and choices.

Experienced Eye for Design

If you need assistance, we provide ideas and suggestions from our designer that fits your house and architecture.

Built to ICPI Standards

All our work is constructed with the proper installation techniques and materials per the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute specifications and standards.

What can I expect with hardscape projects?

Patio / Walkway / Driveway Installations. Once you determine the location and style of the feature you’d like,  we will assess site conditions and base install method for the conditions and intended use. We adjust base and type of paver to accommodate usage needs (foot traffic vs vehicle weight). Then once the product arrives, we will begin construction. Pavers are backed by a manufacturer’s warranty. Certain brands like Techo Bloc and Unilock have levels of features and stain resistance and styles.

Some of the varieties of pavers include

  • Permeable pavers (water percolates through, reducing runoff and increasing groundwater infiltration)
  • ADA compliant pathways
  • Lighted patio and walkways


Patio treatments and sealing can be completed after installation to enhance color, protect longevity, and mitigate efflorescence (salt moving through the blocks). We recommend efflorescence treatment to remove the white salt residue. Wet coat sealing is a popular finish and many customers love this look.


Retaining Walls. We offer retaining walls, which are also constructed with pavers. Retaining walls are ideal for addressing slopes, raised garden beds, or creating a more level yard area. Note that any retaining walls over 4′ have to be engineered which adds some cost to the project.



What is the benefit of pavers over concrete?

Pavers are more aesthetically attractive, offer more longevity, are easily repaired, are higher quality, and have more rigorous installation requirements. While concrete is a less expensive and quicker solution, it doesn’t look or age as well, it can’t support the load and usage of pavers, and it is very difficult to repair.

Why are pavers more expensive than concrete?

The base material, excavation, and material installation all add to the costs to install pavers. However, the longevity and more elegant look of pavers create significant added value for the investment.

Do you offer concrete patios / walkways / driveways?

We would use a subcontractor for any concrete work our customer requests.

Can pavers crack?

Yes, they can be repaired by simply individually replacing cracked pavers, and that will be covered by the manufacturer.  They are much easier to repair than cracked concrete. We typically leave behind extra pavers in the event there are any issues.

Is it safe to walk on pavers in winter?

Most pavers have textural surfaces so they don’t get dangerously slippery in winter. Porcelain pavers would be the most likely to become slippery in wet weather.

Can I salt and shovel snow from pavers?

Most paver products can tolerate salting in winter and we try to avoid products that aren’t able to take salt. For snow removal we recommend using a plastic shovel on pavers to avoid scuffing and scraping out polymeric sand.

Are pavers weed, moss and bug proof?

Usually the base will prevent weeds from taking root. Polymeric sand in joints reduces weeds and bugs but it not always 100% effective if site conditions encourage them. We can put down an anti-fungal treatment if moss is a concern. Pavers can also be cleaned easily with surface washing which will remove moss, algae and any other surface growth.

Do you provide flagstone or masonry services?

We do not work with flagstone or masonry, however, we do use prefabricated veneers (known as sticky stone) for scenarios like outdoor kitchens.

Do you repair existing paver patios / walkways / driveways?

We can do repairs depending on the situation but it depends on how it is installed. If it is installed to ICPI specifications standards it is more likely we can make repairs.

Do you guarantee your work?

We offer a 1-year warranty on our workmanship and plant material barring any neglect or force majeure scenarios. Our products also have a manufacturer’s warranty.