Landscape design & Installation

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Custom Planting & Design Solutions that Fit Your Landscape

Looking to complete your yard with a tastefully designed mix of plants? We offer a variety of design and planting plan options, including xerics, native and non-native plants, shrubs and trees. We work with you to develop a scope of work that fits your needs, from general installation to redesigns and retrofitting garden beds. We base our designs on site conditions combined with your vision and goals.

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Landscaping capabilities

Native grassland planting expertise.

We are CNGA certified nursery professionals. CNGA guidelines specifies planting techniques and backfilling in native grasslands.

TREE Plantings

Tree planting from sapling to 4'5'' caliper tree.

Shrub plantings

Shrub plantings include xeric to non-native (such as hydrangea and viburnum) based on site conditions.

New Planting Designs

We offer full yard design or simple planting plans for new installation.


We can incorporate and retrofit the existing garden beds on your property.

New Construction

We offer plantings for new homes that require trees, shrubs and perennials that differentiate the property from others.

Exclusive Custom Designs

We do not replicate cookie cutter designs. We choose plants that fit the space and be more unique than builder grade designs.



Can you remove existing trees?

We are able to remove smaller ones that we can handle without specialty equipment.

Do you guarantee plants?

We offer a 1 year warranty on plant material barring any neglect or force majeure scenarios.

Do I need to stake newly planted trees?

It’s site-dependent, if the soil is poor or the area gets high wind, we recommend staking. Younger trees will develop their own root system and be able to support themselves. Often staking can be detrimental to a young tree so we are careful to only use them if needed.

I bought plants - can you install them?

Yes, but unfortunately we can’t back them with our warranty.